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PQPremium quality coins for the grade.
SecureCoins graded under the PCGS Secure service.
CACCoins have the GREEN CAC sticker on the holder, unless otherwise noted.
REDNew coins in the inventory.
            Highlighted coins in the inventory.
DateGradeNotesInquire /
1913 T-1 to 1938-D/S Toned Buffalo SetPCGS MS64 to 68Presenting the Angel Dee's Toned Buffalo Set!


All 67 coins in this set are beautifully toned, ranging from light golden to rainbow, all certified by PCGS. No 1916/16 or 1918/7-D. The set is available for viewing by individual photos here or for viewing them all in PDF format here.

Included in Set

1913 T-1PCGS MS68 Secure.View photo
1913-D T-1PCGS MS67+ Secure.Pop 4/2.View photo
1913-S T-1PCGS MS67+ Secure.Pop 2/1.View photo
1913 T-2PCGS MS67+ Secure.Pop 5/0.View photo
1913-D T-2PCGS MS65 Secure.View photo
1913-S T-2PCGS MS66 Secure.View photo
1914PCGS MS67 Secure.View photo
1914-DPCGS MS67 Secure.Pop 8/0.View photo
1914-SPCGS MS65+ Secure.View photo
1915PCGS MS67+ Secure.Pop 5/0.View photo
1915-DPCGS MS66+ Secure.Pop 3/3.View photo
1915-SPCGS MS65+ Secure.View photo
1916PCGS MS67+ Secure.Pop 1/0.View photo
1916-DPCGS MS66+ Secure.Pop 2/0.View photo
1916-SPCGS MS65 Secure.View photo
1917PCGS MS67+ Secure.Pop 1/2.View photo
1917-DPCGS MS65+ Secure.View photo
1917-SPCGS MS65+ Secure.View photo
1918PCGS MS66 Secure.View photo
1918-DPCGS MS66+ Secure.Pop 2/1.View photo
1918-SPCGS MS65+ Secure.Pop 4/1.View photo
1919PCGS MS67+ Secure.Pop 2/0.View photo
1919-DPCGS MS66+ Secure.Pop 1/0.View photo
1919-SPCGS MS64 Secure.View photo
1920PCGS MS66 Secure.View photo
1920-DPCGS MS65 Secure.View photo
1920-SPCGS MS65 Secure.View photo
1921PCGS MS67 Secure.View photo
1921-SPCGS MS65 Secure.View photo
1923PCGS MS67 Secure.View photo
1923-SPCGS MS65+ Secure.Pop 4/3.View photo
1924PCGS MS65 Secure.View photo
1924-DPCGS MS65+ Secure.View photo
1924-SPCGS MS65 Secure.View photo
1925PCGS MS67+ Secure.Pop 1/0.View photo
1925-DPCGS MS66 Secure.View photo
1925-SPCGS MS65 Secure.View photo
1926PCGS MS67+ Secure.Pop 1/0.View photo
1926-DPCGS MS65+ Secure.View photo
1926-SPCGS MS64 Secure.View photo
1927PCGS MS67 Secure.View photo
1927-DPCGS MS65 Secure.View photo
1927-SPCGS MS65+ Secure.Pop 4/1.View photo
1928PCGS MS67 Secure.View photo
1928-DPCGS MS66 Secure.View photo
1928-SPCGS MS66 Secure.View photo
1929PCGS MS67 Secure.Pop 10/0.View photo
1929-DPCGS MS66 Secure.View photo
1929-SPCGS MS67 Secure.Pop 9/0.View photo
1930PCGS MS67+ Secure.Pop 1/0.View photo
1930-SPCGS MS67+ Secure.Pop 1/0.View photo
1931-SPCGS MS67 Secure.Pop 7/0.View photo
1934PCGS MS67+ Secure.Pop 2/0.View photo
1934-DPCGS MS66+ Secure.Pop 5/0.View photo
1935PCGS MS67+ Secure.View photo
1935-DPCGS MS67 Secure.Pop 9/0.View photo
1935-SPCGS MS67+ Secure.Pop 1/0.View photo
1936PCGS MS67+ Secure.View photo
1936-DPCGS MS67+ Secure.Pop 1/2.View photo
1936-SPCGS MS67+ Secure.Pop 3/0.View photo
1937PCGS MS68 Secure.Pop 10/0.View photo
1937-DPCGS MS67+ Secure.Pop 5/3.View photo
1937-D 3 LegPCGS MS64 Secure.View photo
1937-SPCGS MS67 Secure.View photo
1938-DPCGS MS68 Secure.View photo
1938-D/DPCGS MS67+ Secure.View photo
1938-D/SPCGS MS67+ Secure.View photo

Note that the information on this list is subject to change without notice, due to inventory changes, price fluctuations and typographical errors.


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